We are offering 'Blackfasts', a room temperature blacking process that operates with a simple dip operation. Specifically designed for being used in factories, the dimensions are not effected materially by this process. Over the machined surfaces, threads and blind holes, a uniform coloring is obtained by this process. By the chemical conversion of the metal surface blacking is achieved. The process entails degreasing, immersion in a surface conditioner, and blacking solution. By a final immersion in dewatering oil, corrosion protection is achieved.

The products offered under this range are:

  • Iron & Steel Blacking Solution
  • Antique Brass, Copper, Pewter Solution
  • Antique Zinc Solution
  • Degreasing Solutions & Powders
  • Acid Pickling Solutions
  • Alloy Wheel Strippers
  • Dewatering Oils
  • Rust Removers
  • Paint Strippers
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Blackfast is used throughout the metal working industry. The following is a list of some universally known customers and the equipment that they manufacture: Hand tools Sandvik, Bahco, Euro Tools, Footprint Tools, Stanley Tools, Sykes Pikavient, Draper Tools, L.S.Starrett e.g. wrenches, pliers, sockets, spanners, guages, wood working tools, taps, dies, drills.

Machinery parts

  • tool parts
  • chains & sprockets
  • machine tools
  • jigs and fixtures
  • gears
  • clutch parts
  • automotive parts
  • ball screws
  • hydraulic blocks
  • transmissions
  • drives

User benefits No dimensional change: Many machined parts are manufactured to a tight tolerance, which means plating or painting are not acceptable. Corrosion resistance The black surface absorbs wax, oil or rust preventative sealants to give corrosion protection. Sales appeal A durable black finish enhances the appearance and value of a wide range of manufactured articles. Precision engineers A uniform black finish of steel components is extremely popular, adding considerably to the perceived value of the product. This, combined with the unique quality that component dimensions are not altered and an even colour is achieved over blind holes and threads, makes it a must for any precision engineer.

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